Bunions/Hammertoe Correction

Bunions/Hammertoe Correction in Campbell, CA

Bunions and hammertoes are two of the most common foot deformities that we see in patients. A bunion affects the joint at the base of the big toe, causing the toe to lean towards the smaller toes. This can also lead to swelling and pain. A hammertoe affects the middle joint of the smaller toes, causing toes to bend downward. This problem can also lead to pain, swelling, and stiffness. While our podiatrist, Dr. Douglas Robinson can treat these issues through nonsurgical methods, sometimes surgery is necessary in more severe and progressive cases.

Coming in for a Consultation

Whether you’re looking to get a diagnosis from our team of podiatrists, or you want to discuss your treatment options when it comes to bunions and hammertoes, we will first examine your foot and its mobility. We will also run X-rays to check the severity of the deformity. From there, we will discuss the symptoms you may experience as a result of this condition, and ways to slow the progression of your bunion or hammertoe.

Creating a Treatment Plan

Once we have analyzed and examined your feet, we can begin crafting your very own treatment plan. Most patients are relieved to find out that conservative treatment options such as modified activities, special footwear, and foot exercises can often provide relief; however, if your bunion or hammertoe isn’t responding to home treatment and nonsurgical care, or if your deformity is large and painful, these are signs that you may benefit from surgery.

Surgery to Correct Bunions and Hammertoes

If you need to have corrective surgery to repair the deformed toe or bunion bump, our podiatrist Dr. Robinson specializes in these types of foot surgeries. Procedures are performed under local anesthesia, which will numb the treatment area. To correct a bunion, we will remove and realign tissue and bone in and around the big toe joint. Screws or wires may be necessary to hold bones in place. The procedure takes less than an hour and patients will go home the very same day.

Correcting a hammertoe is fairly straightforward and easy, depending on the severity and the number of toes we need to correct. Several techniques may be used to correct the deformity. The most common technique is fusion surgery in which pins are placed to straighten out the toe at the joint. We can even perform bunion surgery at the same time as your hammertoe procedure.

Your feet must get the proper treatment and care they need if you are dealing with a bunion or hammertoes. By catching these issues early, Dr. Robinson can help you manage symptoms without ever having to resort to surgery.

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