"I've wanted to send you a card, drop by, something... to thank you for repairing my foot. I'm jogging, weekend up to 15 miles. It's your talent, knowledge, and patience, that helped me continue to do something I love and need to get through this during this pandemic and life in general. Take
care and thanks always."
Thank you,

I visited Dr. Robinson a few months ago for a common issue based on the positive reviews on Yelp. After completing my treatment and visits with Dr. Robinson, I felt compelled to leave high marks as well!

The treatment prescribed solved my foot problem within a few weeks, and it hasn't recurred. Like a previous poster, Dr. Robinson called me the evening after I first visited him, welcoming me to his practice and making sure I had followed the procedure between office visits. I appreciated that personal touch. On the whole, the office staff is friendly and professional, and I would direct anyone in the area to him who is in need of a podiatrist.

Brian W.

Dr. Robinson,

I completed Western States 100 yesterday in a time of 29 hours 30 minutes. I'd like to thank you again for the fine work that you did with me overcoming the problem with my foot. I could not have done this without you and the other people in my life that helped me.

Thank You,

What a great place. Just what a doc's office ought to be like. The treatment suggested is novel and unlike what was offered by other docs in the past - and it seems to be working. The approach is logical. The wait was short. The visit was comprehensive - and nothing like the doc calling at the end of the day to review instructions and ask if there were other questions. Wow. that extra effort is fantastic. Hello? How health care should be! If your ins. is accepted, don't hesitate to go there.

Lisa H.

Marty T.
Santa Clara, CA

Doc Robinson is absolutely the best. I SHATTERED my ankle last May - my bones were down to powder. Not only did Doc Robinson put me back together again but he has always been informative and compassionate.  I just had my second operation to take out all the hardware and I'm almost as good as new.

He's easily one of the best doctors I have ever gone to.

Sandy S.
Saratoga, CA

I am a professional dog walker, so my feet are my lively hood.  I have chronic problems with my feet. Two separate Dr.'s, who are also his patients, referred me to Dr. Robinson.  I have been seeing the good Dr. for about a year and a half  and love the way he works.  He is not one to go straight for the knife and I truly appreciate that.   In business the best compliment is to refer a friend, I have referred many people to Dr. Robinson and will continue to do so.

Elisabeth A. Worthing, Community and Volunteer Services Coordinator,
Boston Athletic Association, Boston, MA

On behalf of the Boston Athletic Association, please accept our sincere thanks for helping to make the 113th Boston Marathon a resounding success. We hold our volunteers to the highest standards and the success of the event depends on the professionalism and reliability of our volunteers. We hope that you realize the instrumental role that you, as a volunteer, played in helping to produce this massive event and time honored tradition.

You assisted more the 26,000 runners from the start to the finish line and succeeded in creating a first class event for the athletes. Finishers continually tell us of our challenging course and that it was the exuberance and enthusiasm of the volunteers who helped them to achieve their personal goal of completing the Boston Marathon.

We look forward to having you join us again next year and we hope that you will volunteer at some of our other events throughout the year. Again, thank you for your hard work and commitment - you are much appreciated!

Many thanks

James H.
San Jose, CA

Excellent and informative doctor. My fiancee had to have surgery done and he talked us through the entire procedure. The follow up care was stellar. Took the time to explain everything and what was going on. I would refer this doctor in a heartbeat.

Irene Y.
Campbell, CA

Doctor Robinson is an exceptional doctor.  Our eight year old son, Daniel, has had deep/painful nerve pain in his foot which started 2 years ago.   Our pediatrician and other podiatrists had no working solution or answer to help our son.  It was very frustrating and heartbreaking not being able to find someone who could help stop the pain.  We were referred to Doctor Robinson who has been incredibly compassionate, informative and most of all, he has been able to help stop the pain in Daniel's foot.  Doctor Robinson is a great role model, he as an incredible attitude and we are very blessed to have found him.  Daniel always looks forward to seeing Doctor Robinson.

Paula L.
San Jose, CA

Being that my podiatrist does not have an x-ray machine he recommended that I see Dr. Robinson for a toe that I had broken.  When I saw the terrible review on this doctor I was a little apprehensive in going to see him.  But since there were no other recommendations for or against any other podiatrist, I decided to see for myself if there was any validity to it.  When I walked in, they greeted me right away and in a friendly manner, so the reviewer wasn't correct there but I hadn't seen the podiatrist yet so maybe her words will ring true with her assessment of the doctor..  I noticed in the reception room there were ribbons and things regarding the fact that the doctor was a marathon runner.

Now the reviewer had said that she herself was a marathon runner and that the doctor was incompetent, giving conflicting information and such.  Well I find that  a little hard to believe since the doctor knows all about the feet of a marathon runner.  I finally met with the doctor and he couldn't have been more concise with my results and his bedside manner was fantastic.  He listens and does not put himself above the patient.  I was later told that the other patients, that my podiatrist recommended that they see, have all thanked my podiatrist for sending them to Dr. Robinson.  Apparently they don't know about Yelp otherwise you would get  more reviews about him and good ones to boot.

Joan W.
Mountain View, CA

Athletes and dancers, you are welcome here. After 3 years of limping and 2 sets of X-rays elsewhere, this office took such high-resolution X-rays that my problem was immediately visible, and surgery was the only answer. All the steps up to surgery were beautifully spelled out and executed. Questions were welcomed. Six months later I'm running and jumping again. The office team is upbeat and competent with an expert insurance wrangler. Dr. Robinson is a marathon runner who knows the value of keeping you as active as possible during rehab.

Excellence in action is here.

Kathleen M.
San Jose, CA

I saw Dr Robinson for my severe heel pain.  He was able to immediately diagnosis  the problem, and offer solutions that gave me temporary relief while we worked on a more permanent solution.  He very clearly outlined a protocol that he felt would solve my problem - and very happily it did!  I have now been a patient of his and pain free for more than 8 years, I bring my family  to seen him when needed and tell all my friends, Dr R is the guy to see when you have a foot problem!  I can recommend him and his office without hesitation!

Scott E.
San Jose, CA

After 9 month of increasing pain in my left foot that turned a walk around the block with the dog into a torturous experience, I finally accepted a referral to Dr. Robinson.

I appreciated the ability to make the appointment and fill out forms ahead of time on the web (http://www.drrobinson....), however the staff is friendly and courteous over the phone and in person.

Dr. Robinson is also friendly and helpful. He asked questions and took the time to listen to my answers. He explained the problem and offered options that might help the problem. His recommendation was to try custom orthoses and he taped both my feet to simulate how the orthoses would help.

I've now been using the orthoses for about two months and I'm a believer. I've gone back for a second pair. I would sincerely recommend him to friends or family.

Jennifer T.
Menlo Park, CA

SMI referred me to Dr. Robinson as a final attempt to correct my chronic plantar fasciitis without surgery.   Dr. Robinson took a keen interest in understanding my injury history as he measured, observed, and analyzed my foot as no other doctor had.  He thoroughly and clearly explained to me why surgery was the next step.  In the days before surgery, Dr. Robinson continued to answer my personal questions and reassure my decision to have surgery.

Unfortunately, my insurance did not cover him and I  had to schedule my surgery with my original doctor.   Post-surgery, I have seen Dr. Robinson to get some assistance in my recovery.  His efforts have helped tremendously.   His office staff is friendly and helpful. Even though I must pay out of pocket, it is worth it to me to have his care and meticulousness. Once my recovery is complete with my doctor,  I will return to Dr. Robinson to begin preventive measures to an injury-free active life.  I highly recommend Dr. Robinson!

Michelle B.
Walnut Creek, CA

This guy is amazing! I went to him in 6/07 with a foot problem. I was heavy into training and running at the time. Turns out I had a stress fracture in my foot. He put the usual "moon boot" on me. The real amazing part was that I told him I still need to train. Since he is a marathoner himself he completely understood and got me back to my training the next day. Modified of course to make sure we got it healed asap. His office is clean, professional, and everyone there is wonderful. He is a true athlete's doctor. He helped me achieve my training goals even when I had a broken foot.
This is the person you want if you are having foot pain. He has an xray in his office. No need to run out for xrays.
Got feet? Got pain? Now you've got Dr. Robinson.

Lloyd T.
Los Gatos, CA

My wife visited Dr. Robinson three or four times in the last month and has been very happy with the experience. First, Dr. Robinson called personally the evening of her first visit to make sure she understood the at-home treatment schedule. Most importantly, when she subsequently failed to follow the at-home treatment schedule and practically burnt a hole in her foot, Dr. Robinson's office ensured she was seen immediately which was welcome to say the least.

Overall, my wife was full of praise for the office staff and Dr, and would highly recommend the practice which is run with great efficiency. She found the wall of marathon medals a little intimidating in the waiting area, but even that has turned out to be a positive motivation to start running again!

Susan Y.
San Jose, CA

I've been having feet pain and toe stiffness from running and judo and was looking for a good podiatrist, because the one I went to a before wasn't very helpful. Through yelp recommendations, I decided to come here.

Dr. Robinson was very nice and informative. His staff were friendly as well.

During the assessment portion of the consult, he shows interest in what I was saying and I liked how he explained what my feet were like. He recommended some shoe inserts that would work well for me and at the end wished me luck with career and off I went haha.

Luckily my feet problems aren't so serious and won't need to see him regularly, but if I have more pain or problems I'll go back to see him.

Faith B.
San Jose, CA

I met Dr. Robinson several years ago to discuss bunions.  I procrastinated doing anything about them until 2007.  At that time my right foot was experiencing pain, and I had a bunion growth that was very noticeable, not to mention not fitting into shoes.  Dr. Robinson explained the entire procedure of what needed to be done and post operative care and healing time to me.  In June 2007, he performed surgery which was much more involved than expected.  I followed his post operative instructions exactly and my foot has healed beautifully.  I have never been in pain, have total joint flexibility, and have healed well.  Dr. Robinson has always shown a professional attitude and I've had every query answered completely.  He is always friendly and everyone who works there is wonderful.  I have referred people to Dr. Robinson and will continue to do so.

Doug Robinson changed my life.

I limped into his office a year ago, convinced, after a previous surgery gone a-muck (performed by another doctor) that I would never be able to even walk around the block with my eight year-old daughter...even in ugly orthopedic shoes.

In the last year I have gone skiing, biking, running, played soccer...even worn high heels. On top of that, I've lost ten pounds, just from being able to move again.

Doug Robinson, and his entire office staff, are professional, thoughtful, patient, and positive. They also run "on time" I would completely and unreservedly recommend Dr. Robinson and his staff to anyone with any type of foot or ankle problem. (And so would my whole family, who now consider me an active, non-grumpy, party of the family.)

Thank you SO much!

Anne S.

Lee W.
San Jose, CA

I  procrastinated dealing with my hammer toe for over 8 years. Being active all my life riding horses, walking and everyday life I couldn't imagine dealing with the recovery time needed for this surgery. I really tried every over the counter remedy. Then I was so embarrassed going barefoot in Hawaii with such an ugly crooked toe. I could hardly wear my riding boots anymore. I had been to another podiatrist a few years ago and he "yelled" at me and said "there's no solution but surgery".  

What I really liked about Dr. Robinson was he really listened to me and my concerns about the "down" time. He was very understanding, always returned my calls, and his staff was wonderful.

Now I'm great....and EVEN went back to him to get a small ingrown toe nail fixed!! I'm 60 and love my little toes!!!

Thank you Dr. Robinson

Carol G.
Mountain View, CA

As a marathon coach I often hear complaints from my team about feet, ankle and shin problems. These are novice and experienced marathoners alike. I always refer them to Dr. Douglas Robinson to help get them "back on their feet"! My team consistently tells me how helpful he is in figuring out the cause of their problems and then putting them on the best treatment plan. He is  knowledgeable, experienced and easy to understand...no unnecessary technical jargon from him. Plus, he's a really nice guy!

"I've wanted to send you a card, drop by, something... to thank you for
repairing my foot. I'm jogging, weekend up to 15 miles. It's your talent,
knowledge and patience, that helped me continue to do something I love and
need to get through this during this pandemic and life in general. Take
care and thanks always." Karen